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[audio]EAR084 Cyrus - Handle with care Album - Cyrus
The forthcoming release on EAR is a whole album of newcomer Cyrus from the Netherlands. He takes us from acid to techno, deeptechno, progressiven and dub but always with a focus on the dancefloor. It’s for parties and afterparties. Enjoy
Keywords: Acid; Techno
Downloads: 3,335
[audio]EAR084_Smartconnect_ZuurEP - Smartconnect
To come
Keywords: Acid House music
Downloads: 1,443
Next release on EAR is from Smartconnect this is a new alias of the owners of EAR. They have started working with new tools and this is the first result. Mindblowing techno with dirty kicks, stange sounds and melody lines. Sometimes raw and industrial. So enjoy this new release on EAR!
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 1,671
Release 81 from EAR is one for the dancefloor. Track 1 from Lowlander is à track with à nervous high sound in it and à Mindblowing baseline. Track 2 from Phil Baker is more dark and groovy as we know from Phil Baker and the last track is from Standardz: Mindblowing dark techno with strenge sounds and voiles.
Keywords: techno
Downloads: 1,516
[audio]The Guru - Make you EP (Ear080) - The Guru
The 80th release on EAR is another EP fromThe Guru. It's time for Dark 'n Deep Techno. Strange dark sounds, heavyrhythms. And on the track Make You (my absolute favourite from this EP!)some tribal influences. This is heavy stuff strictly for dancefloors allover the world. Enjoy!
Keywords: Electronica; techno
Downloads: 1,824
[audio]Ear079_Cern_CernEP - Ronald Zoetman
This time on EAR an EP of CERN. CERN is an alis of ZZX an is dedicated to the scientists of CERN lab in Geneva, where they try to explain, with the help of experiments, to explain the the big bang and the beginning of everything (and maybe also the end). Higgs part 1.0 is a techno track with some nervous bleeps and blaps. In the beginning is more of a techhouse track, with a very nice rhythmloop in it and in the second part a dark technostab...
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 1,920
[audio]Ear078_FrancescoStablum_ApneaEP - Francesco Stablum
On EAR078 we have the first release of a man named Francesco Stablum. Living in Amsterdam, but with Italian roots. This Apnea EP is a very powerful ambient/chill out release with some breakbeats, high-rated melodies, beautiful soundscapes and trancy cosmic sounds. Some of the tracks remind us on some of the hypnotical releases of Cosmic Baby (Berlin, early 90's). Also we can hear a atmospheric drum and base track.This fits in any chillout room, loungecafe or whatsoever...
Keywords: Electronic dance; breaks
Downloads: 2,208
[audio]Ear077_TheGuru_AbstractMindEP - The Guru
EAR077 is another release from the Guru on Ear. The tracks 1 and 3 are more of dreamy kind with some nice melodies and soundscapes. You can dance on them, but it also fits in a loungebar. Track 2 is a more uptempo dark technotrack extremely well fitting on the dancefloor. The last track is with a different kind of beat with a dark atmosphere. The right track as a starter from a dj-set. Enjoy!
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 2,457
[audio]Ear076_SelectedTracks_VolumeSeven - EAR
This is already the 7th EAR selected tracks. The first track from Pit is a really dark minimal techno track with weird sounds and strings danceable rhythms. The second is from Aeki Nord is a dark techhouse track with many tribal influences. The third from Maas is a really beautiful ambient track with a nice dark atmosphere. Dark strings, weird sounds and some voices with a very relaxing breakbeat. The last track is from Rasmus Jacobsen...
Keywords: Techno; ambient
Downloads: 3,296
[audio]EAR075 Sascha Muller - Osiris EP - Sascha Muller
We're celebrating the 75th(!) release on EAR with a experimental industrial release from Sascha Müller. Short tracks with industrial sounds, electro beats and with a last track that bleeps you to hell. First two tracks are with very raw, industrial and agressive sounds with very unusual rhythms. Enjoy and stay alive with this realease from Sascha Müller.
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 2,260
[audio]The Guru - Liveacts (ear074) - The Guru
Deeply inspired by John Digweed, Jeff Mills and Ritchie Hawtin this is the next release from the Guru on EAR (074). A mix of progressive and deeptechno sounds, very sensible and the use of not so many rhythms. But although there are not many rhythms, they're used very effective to make it sound extremely groovy. This is a strong release with a very dark spacy atmosphere. Enjoy this very strong release from the Guru!
Keywords: House
Downloads: 2,415
Already the 6th volume of selected tracks is coming up, with 4 different artists and 4 totally different tracks. The first one is from Qubeunite and is a spacey dubby deep technotrack with trance influences. The second one is a really nice ambient with strong influences of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze to really chill-out. On the end you will hear some breakbeats. The third track from Danil Novikov is with a nice 80's beat...
Keywords: Techno; breaks; electronica
Downloads: 2,436
[audio]EAR072_ Crepusculo_PerihelionEP - Crepusculo
This release is a debut EP from a man named Crepusculo. His real name is Zolboo Uyanga and he's coming from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This EP is a very dark one. Ambient, drones, spacy sounds and dub techno sounds. Not for the dancefloor, but very usefull in chill-out rooms, lounge clubs. When you are listening to these tracks you will see images of the great plaines in the dark Mongolian winter. Enjoy!
Keywords: ambient; expertimental; breaks
Downloads: 3,034
[audio]EAR071_TheGuru_BlackHoleEP - The Guru
The second time on EAR we present from Serbia The Guru. This time he surprises us with a very danceable release: nice and weird sounds, heavy rhythms and goes form techno, techhouse to a little bit trancy and minimal influences. The last track on this EP is little bit of ambient/chill out. To cool down from the first four tracks. Enjoy!
Keywords: House; techno; breaks
Downloads: 2,995
Ear selected tracks no. 5: All kinds of dance is represented on this EP with two know artists and three new artists. Lowlander with his banging techno, Aeki Nord with his dark and dubby stuff. New are: Vitor Saguanza from portugal with more of a tech-house track, Archipelago with a more dreamy tracks that reminds us to the good old Berlin days from the early nineties (trance how trance should be!) and last but not least a slow dubby track from a dutch guy called Lifeform...
Keywords: Techno; dubtechno; house
Downloads: 2,977
EAR selected tracks volume 4: No big deal: Just four to the floor in all kinds and measures. Some more techno, some more techhouse with all kinds of influences. Detroit, old Berlin Trance, nice strings, hooked sounds and banging rhythms. From some old favourites like Phil Baker and Aeki Nord. And two new artists on EAR: Padlz and Standard: One is more in the style of Acid and tribal and the other track you can hear influences of Kraftwerk and the good old 80's...
Keywords: Techno; breaks; IDM
Downloads: 2,915
[audio]Ear068_BlingBling_ChaosplanEP - Bling Bling
We present EAR068. This time the second release from BlingBling from Berlin. A original mixture of dancefloor, electro and experimental. The kind of music you expect in the Nightlife and clubs of Berlin. This kind of music is just the reason that between 10.000 and 20.000 people visit Berlin just to party and celebrate its nightlife. Enjoy!
Keywords: techno
Downloads: 3,214
[audio]Ear067_TheGuru_HistericEP - The Guru
From the Author: EP his name from that direction last, that everybody has a some kind of trouble quasi, everybody is shouting for something,is hysteric. From the inspiration though only so much,that only from experimenting quasi there is a word. but anyway though the musics are about myself. Sometimes discover to go mad,I would fly away somewhere only sometimes,another time though some I feel myself,than if I do not find myself.
Keywords: Techno; Breaks
Downloads: 2,924
[audio]Ear066_Falk_Pandemrix202 - Falk
EAR066 is a release from Falk. It's the first appearance from this German producer on EAR. He started making music in 2003. This release is a mixture of a melodic kind of techno, strongly detroit and chicago influenced and Berlin minimal techno. Very relaxing and nice to hear. Music for small clubs/parties and afterparties. Really our kind of thing.
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 4,204
[audio]Ear065_Selected_tracks_volume_three - Interflow, Igor Voith, Rob Bellevile
Another EAR selected tracks is coming. Volume 3 this time. First track is from a Dutch producer Rob Belville. He offers us a beautiful deep techno track, strong influenced by the sounds of Detroit. Good rhythms and a fantastic deep melody from all kinds of dark dubsounds. Second track is from Igor Voith from Russia. His track is groovy and sounds somewhere between house and techno and has a catchy theme...
Keywords: Techno; dubtechno; minimal
Downloads: 4,920
[audio]EAR064_Kiksu_Antiloop - Kiksu
Our new release EAR064 is from somebody called Kiksu. Only thing that is known from him, that he's from Korea. And he's making us very happy with a real ambient release. Lots of soundscapes, darkness and some Korean influences. Very useful in loungebars, chill out rooms. Also to use in movies and documentaries
Keywords: Ambient; new age; electronica
Downloads: 4,883
[audio]Ear063_TheGuru_Relax EP - The Guru
EAR063 is the debut on Ear from The Guru. His real name is Dejan Dopudja. Living in Serbia. He offers us an EP with different styles: Techno heavenly influenced by Kraftwerk and the sound of Detroit. Breaks, experimental and ambient which reminds us of early electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream. The track Only Paranormal for instance is a beautiful mix between Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre...
Keywords: elelctronica; breaks; techno
Downloads: 3,561
[audio]Ear062_SaschaMuller_NegativeHouserEP - Sascha Muller
This time a release with classical technosounds and acid. Classical sounds with pumping rhythms pure for the dancefloor. Back in those thrilling days of the early 90's. We love it. Here and there a little minimalism. The creator of this steaming production is better known mr. Sascha Müller. Enjoy this 62th release on EAR!
Keywords: techno
Downloads: 4,645
[audio]Ear061_Selected_Tracks_volume_two - EAR
to come...
Keywords: house; techno; electronica
Downloads: 6,368
[audio]Ear060_Maas_Swingsessions_One - Maas
After a long he's back on the track. We're talking about Mr. Maas. After several minimal-deep techno releases he surprises us with som excellent deephouse tracks. Deephouse the american way: nasty kickdrums, pumping rhythms, dark housy melodies, misty strings and a couple of vocal samples. Nice to use in any deephouse/-techno and tecchouse set. Enjoy this Swingsession.
Keywords: Deephouse
Downloads: 7,084
[audio]EAR059 Royal Damage - Clair Ciel EP - Royal Damage
Royal Damage The real name is Roman Vishnevskiy. 10.02.1989 gave birth. Parents, professional musicians, early enough defined eccentric musical capabilities for Roman. From two-year age he without effort picks up simple melodies on piano. In six years Roman enters Kiev special musical school the name of N.V. Lysenko, which he successfully concludes violin on a class. In 2000 along with academic music, enormous interest appears to electronic...
Keywords: Electronica; Experimental; Breaks
Downloads: 3,181
[audio]Ear058 - Selected tracks - Volume one - Phil baker, Aeki Nord, Lowlander
To come...
Keywords: Techno; minimal; deep
Downloads: 3,418
[audio]Sascha Muller - Urban Shakedown EP (Earmin23) - Sascha Muller
On the 23th release of EARmin we present a release of Sascha Müller. On this release Sacha chooses the real minimal way. Less use of rhythms and the use of very strange self-constructed sounds. The sounds are very difficult to describe. But the use of this sounds in combination with the subtile use of rhythms make this release to a very funky one. Very usefull to the dancefloor. Enjoy!
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 702
[audio]KBC pres Mariachi - Astronaut's Heart Can't Live Without Stars[EP] - EarXP12 - Ivan Louchkin
Ivan "KBC" Louchkin - the hip-hop & downtempo producer from Russia. A lot of years he was the participant of various projects, which are engaged in experiments in hip-hop music. His tracks are impregnated by hip-hop and downtempo athmosphere with every possible impurity of electronic music styles from IDM to Dubstep and Ambient. "Astronaut's Heart Can't Live Without Stars" is a new release from Ivan "KBC" Louchkin...
Keywords: Electronica
Downloads: 2,500
[audio]DJ Draft - Depot Trax EP (EarPlus12) - DJ Draft
After a long time a new new release on EAR. This time om Earplus. And for the first time we present DJ Draft. DJ Draft's love for music and dj-ing goes back to 1975, where he started recording music on a tape recorder at the age of 3! In 1992 he started spinning after a few years of collecting records. Living on the east side of The Netherlands, isolated from the trends in the west, he developed his own unique style of dj-ing...
Keywords: Techno; Acidhouse
Downloads: 458
[audio]Dikital - Search EP (earxp11) - Dikital
Originally from Skopje, Macedonia his name is Dimitar Dimceski who as an artist he show under a nick name Dikital, as one man show,creating his own music and collaborating with other musicians on various projects.In his Carrier so far hi has obtain 3 album releases with rock band Nikeja,One DVD release Unplugged,record and captured in Macedonian National radio Television.He was take part in one compilation CD, publish by magazine Art Republika with his own music.As a musician he is Professional ...
Keywords: electronica
Downloads: 4,678
[audio]Frequenzkiller - Nothern Lights EP (EarMin22) - Andreas Florin
Andreas Florin was born on 11.07.1977 in Siegen Germany. When he was 15 years of age he became interested at electronic music. He became interested by listening to Members of Mayday and Cherrymoon (Bonzai!!). After years of partying in clubs like The Omen (!) and Aufschwung Ost he started DJ-ing. His idols were The Advent, Mills and other great names from the Detroit-scene. In 2002 he started producing and soon he has reached his own style of producing...
Keywords: Techno; minimal
Downloads: 2,702
[audio]Sascha Muller - Noise Reducer EP(EarMin21) - Sascha Muller
For the 4th on Ear-recordings we present to you Sascha Müller. This time with a release on EARmin. This EP, a two-tracker, with minimal, but groovy tracks. The first one is with a track with a hypnotizing theme. A sort of a nervous bell-sound with high octaves and less use of rhythms. The seconds is more of an up-tempo track, with more or less darker sounds and just as less rhythms as the first track and in the middle of the track a kind of a deephouse string with some ambient-like soundscapes...
Keywords: techno; minimal
Downloads: 7,408
[audio]East Island - Twilight zone (EarXP10) - East Island
After a sabatical East Island re-enters the system with a remarkable release. Till now all tracks of East Island were based on a combination of synthsounds and samples. The creating of new own sounds in their music always was the point of entry. As fans of SF-movies and SF TV-series these gents watch to The Twilight Zone on a regulary base. Specific those parts of the fifties and sixties. Rare sounds and soundscapes of those old parts are remarkable...
Keywords: Experimental electronica
Downloads: 3,505
[audio]Madagaskar EP (EarMin20) - Rivo
This is already the 20th release on Earmin and is it is an amazing one. This release of Dutchman Rivo has all the elements of dark, deep and minimal techno. Very less use of rhythms and only small sophisticated changes. Gloomy sounds, dark spheres which does remind me the most of the releases of the respected Basic Channel label and some influences from the releases of Marko Fürstenberg. Just another high quality relaese on Ear!
Keywords: Deep techno; minimal techno
Downloads: 12,913
[audio]Swoon - Come outside EP (EarXP09) - Swoon
For the first time on EarXP we present Swoon from Switzerland. Swoon who's real name is Elias Kohli is based in Baden, Switzerland. Swoon is a multi-instrumentalist and has played in a lot of groups and is used to play a lot of different styles. His first release is a full album with ten tracks on it. It's a relaese with many different moods, from very deep loungy to experimental with the use of surprising rhythm patrons and fluid soundscapes and sounddesigns...
Keywords: electronic, dance
Downloads: 12,148
[audio]Radiator 1000 EP - Christoph Schindling
Christoph Schindling was born in Wiesbaden / Germany in the year 1980 . About the age of fourteen , he heard about a new thing called “techno-music” and he was very interested in this new stuff . Of course at this time he was to young to celebrate this new hype in clubs , but there was a radio – show called “HR3 clubnight” which he was listening to every saturday night . Since 1995 he is developing his own sound using analog gear and digital tools...
Keywords: deep; minimal; house; techno
Downloads: 4,419
[audio]Vaporized EP - Project Swirl
For the second time on Ear-recordings, this time on EARmin we present you Project Swirl. Well known in the netlabel scene. This he surprises us with a bit faster minimal techno with multiple acid influences and a very nice and deep sounds. Very danceable with rhythms that take you to the dancefloor. Just another nice release on Eastern Recordings. We'll hope you enjoy this free download!
Keywords: Minimal; house; techno; acid
Downloads: 2,557
[audio]Flight 77 - Sascha Muller
Already the 10th release on EARLAND. This time a release rom Sascha Müller. He used to release n EARPLUS but he know shows he can produce very sophisticated ambient too. He tells us a story of a dark flight with the number 77. A dark flight, because his sounds are deep and sometimes it seems you'll be underwater. He also uses breakbeat, downbeat and even some junglistic rhythms. A very spheric ambient relaese, this one from Sascha Müller...
Keywords: electronica; deep; ambient
Downloads: 1,462
[audio]Rumba EP - Hernan T.
Hernan T. is back with 4 outstanding technotracks
Keywords: Techno; House
Downloads: 650
[audio]Aeki Nord - Utilisation EP (EarMin17) - Aeki Nord
After a longer time out with holidays and things, here finally is a new release on Earmin. This time Aeki Nord is on the move and he makes you move with 8(!) new tracks. An album instead of an EP??? with 8 very different tracks. But always you can hear that typical Aeki Nord sound. Swingin, easy rhythms, strange sounds, deep strings en many use of filtering effects, echos and stuff. Hope you'll enjoy this new Aeki Nord album titled Utilisation!
Keywords: Techno; minimal; deep; dub
Downloads: 3,654
[audio]Svart1 - Davisibiliaadinvisibilia - Raimondo Gaviano
The sound of Svart1 (RaimondoGaviano_Cagliari_Sardinia) is a very impulsive mixture of rich and sometimes dense abstract analogue and digital noises, melodies and idm-like drums, often unexpected soundscapes, but at the same time it goes into warm and nice atmospheres. As the title suggests, "davisibiliaadinvisibilia" is like a nocturnal landscape invasion, the faintest whisper of twilight as the hue of the sun falls below the earth, as the sandman beckons you to bed...
Keywords: electronic, expertimental
Downloads: 1,645
[audio]Maas - Is it ? EP (EarMin16) - Maas
It's been a while, but he's back on the track: Maas on Earmin! Not excactly minimal, but very deep and danceable. Lots of technostabs and sounds in combination with a soundarchitecture and soundscapes it sounds as candies for your ears. But also experimentations with other forms and sounds. As you can hear on "Enforce the power" influences from classical music. "Configurator in space" is a track with spacy sounds and surprising rhythm structures, "Are you on my side" a slow technotrack, "What if...
Downloads: 9,241 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Hernan T - Pills EP (EarPlus9) - Hernan T
For the first time on EAR plus we're glad to present Hernan T from Chile. Hernan became at the age of 9(!) familear with electronic music. three years later he already made his first megamixes as a DJ. From 1996 Hernan began producing electronic dance-music. He became busier as a DJ and a producer. His styles go from minimal to techno and schranz. Now he's on EAR-plus with a three track PILLS EP that will blow you away...
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 3,504 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Digital Mangrove EP - Sidearm
This time on EARland something beautiful from Australia. Sidearm (nobody knows his real name) with the Digital Mangrove EP. No rhythms, no dance. Only soundscapes. Not just ordinary soundscapes, but soundscapes that will lead us through the original Australian landscapes. From the sea till buildings and a Buddah temple. These are the the driving forces and images behind this rual and original EP from the Australian land...
Keywords: Ambient, soundscapes
Downloads: 1,257
[audio]Project Swirl -Connected EP (EarXP07)
Project Swirl was created to make loops for my radio show @ TPR web radio. After a few months some full length tracks were outlined. This spring 10-12 tracks were completed. Before summer we started to master them with my friend. After my holidays I started to find netlabels to release them. My style is mostly minimal / experimental, but - referring to my ceased project - I like to take by-passes to other styles, like electro...
Keywords: electro, electronic
Downloads: 2,901
[audio]Phil Baker - Eye of the Storm EP(EarMin15) - Phil Baker
A brand new EP from Phil Baker titled "Eye of the storm". The whole EP is full of dark sounds and funky rhythms. More then ever he likes the use of strings and melancholic sounds. This goes up for track 1 and 3. The fourth track is more of a dubby style. And track 2 contains more crisping sounds of waterdrops. But all the four tracks are that typicall funky Phil Baker-style. Do not try this at home but only on the dancefloor! Enjoy!
Downloads: 3,922
[audio]Psonikadia-State of Bliss EP(Earland08)
This time we present on Earland (EL08) Nick Aitchison aka Psonikadia from Brighton & Hove, England. His vision on music is philosophical and his opinion is that music appears from the mind. He hopes to bring with his music a brief moment of peace and happiness. His inpiration also comes from the peaceful and coastal life in Brighton: Green hills and the sound of rolling seawaves. He also did a training as a sound engineer in Manchester...
Keywords: Electronica
Downloads: 1,579 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]ZZX - Rotary session EP (EarMin14)
For the second time on EARmin we present ZZX with a kind of melancolic release. Four spheric tracks: Dark emotional sounds, minimal use of rhythms and sometimes very different use of those rhythms like in "Meanbeat". The other three are more a mainstream four to the floor rhythms, but always that nice and deep emotional sound in it. So you wanna reach the deepest of all: Down load and enjoy!
Keywords: Deep Techno
Downloads: 2,319 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Igor O Vlasov - 2 Sides EP (EarMin13)
For the second time on EARmin we present Igor O Vlasov with the Two Faces EP. The title of this EP is just what it's all about on this release. It shows us two faces of Igor. On one side you have our gloomy, dark minimal tracks with dubby influences, just as we seen on the the Spectral EP. More techno orientated. On the the other allthough there are four tracks that show us the more deephouse side of Igor...
Keywords: deephouse; minimal; techno
Downloads: 19,221
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